Thursday, February 24, 2011

SQL Server: How to Refresh Intellisense Cache

Intellisense in SQL Server 2008 is a time saving feature. But sometime writing queries it start underlining some objects names or some columns names which are already added in database and these are correct but intellisense mark them as a MISTAKE. In long queries it creates confusion. I have seen my fellow DBAs, turning off the feature to avoid confusion and mental stress;).
Also, sometime intellisense is not helping enough for auto-complete feature. 
Simple solution for this problem is to refresh local cache by using  Ctrl + Shift + R. So it should start marking only real mistakes. You can also refresh local cache from Edit--- >IntelliSense --- > Refresh Local Cache


  1. Great help! Thanks.
    Note however, it's the Edit Menu, not the File Menu, i.e., :Edit >> Intellisense >> Refresh Local Cache

  2. Thanks Erobishaw.... Correction made

  3. Thanks, solved my problem.


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