Saturday, April 9, 2011

SQL Server Fun: A DBA’s Joke

Few days back, I received a call from a DBA friend of mine, who asked for urgent help, as logical reads for one of their production database query became extra ordinary high. First I asked him to send me a screen shot for an overview. He sent me a screen shot (just like) following one.
Once I received screen shot, I was totally shocked and speechless. How can a query have such a huge value of logical reads? 92112403 page reads mean almost 700 GB of  data scanning for only 288 output rows. Thanks God I asked him to share his screen and re-executing same query myself, I found that it was a joke.
Actually message part of query output in SQL Server Management Studio is editable. Execute any query and in output area click on “Messages” tab, click any where and change any message ;). Like in given screen shot, actual logical read value for marked area was just 9 and edited intentionally just to celebrate 1st April.


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