Monday, May 2, 2011

SQL Server: Keeping Log of Each Query Executed Through SSMS

During a normal working day, a DBA or Developer executes countless queries using SQL Server Management Studio. Some of these queries, which are thought important, are saved and roughly 80% of query windows are closed without pressing save button. But after few minutes, hours or even days, most DBAs and Developers like me want their quires back, which they have executed but can’t save.
SQL Server Management Studio has no such feature through which we can get our unsaved queries back. If you need to keep log of each query you have executed in SSMS then you must install free tool SSMS Tools Pack 1.9” by Mladen Prajdić, which contains “Query Execution History” and much more. 


  1. Another great SQL Server tip, you guys are great on explaining short but powerful SQL tips and I am learning a lot here. Thanks

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  2. This tool is very useful, but I have one doubt, the queries listed are the executed on the client or in the server ?
    I would like to have a tool like this, but for to get the queries executed on the server.

  3. This tool just keep record of each query executed using SQL Server Managment Studio.

  4. But the tool record the queries executed on the server, or on the client ?

  5. This is exactly what I needed, a way to keep track of queries I typed into my SSMS window, regardless of what server or DB.


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