Sunday, July 24, 2011

SQL Server: Import Data from Sybase Advatage (adt Files) using SSIS

In last post, we have learned to free a Sybase Advantage table (“adt” file) from its data dictionary, so we can import its data to SQL Server.
To extract these “adt” files by using SSIS package first we need a “New OLE DB Connection”.

Select “Advantage OLE DB Provider” as provider and complete folder address in “Server or file name” section. Use “adssys”  as user name and leave password blank. Don't forget to change server type value to "ads_local_server", by clicking on "ALL" button on left of connection Manager. In Initial catalog provide “adt” file name and press “Test Connection ” to test newly created connection.

Drag a new OLE DB Source

Double click “OLE DB Source” to open it in editor and provide OLE DB connection manager and name of required table.

Open properties page for “OLE DB Source” and mark TRUE to “AlwaysUseDefaultCodePage

Now you are ready to import data from OLE DB Source to any type of destination. You can provide OLE DB Destination to insert data directly into a SQL Server database. In this demo we have use Flat File as destination.


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