Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SQL Server 2012: A New More Flexible Create Index Dialog box

With every new version SQL Server is becoming more power full yet more users friendly. Today, while creating index on SQL Server 2012, I have found that Index Creation Dialog box is become more easy to use.
In prior versions, more irritating thing for me (at least), was naming a non-clustered index. Now dialog box suggests you more meaningful name. Secondly dialog box contains two tabs to add key columns and include columns.

In prior versions, a common error which I have always faced is that key column can’t be listed as include column. 
Now in SQL Server 2012, Index Create Dialog box will automatically disable check boxes for those columns which are already added as key columns. Similarly, if a column is already added as include column it will become disable on key column selection tab.

Remaining options are almost same to SQL Server R2, while COMPRESSION option is removed.

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