Thursday, July 26, 2012

SQL Server : @@VERSION Showing Incorrect Service Pack Information

Recently, due to SQL Server Log message The time stamp counter of CPU on scheduler id 13 is not synchronized with other CPUs. we have decided to resolve it by installing Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2005. To confirm, that target server has version prior to Service Pack 3, I have used following simplest query.
From query result it became sure that said server has Service Pack 2 installed and need to be upgraded to Service Pack3. 
On receiving confirmation mail from Systems department that said instance is upgraded, I went for same above query to verify and surprisingly, it was still showing the same result with Service Pack 2.
For further confirmation I have used a different query (SERVERPROPERTY('PRODUCTLEVEL') and found actual results (i.e. Service Pack 3). 

Basically, it was a simple misconception. Till date i thought @@version shows patch information of SQL Server, but actually it shows operating system patch.

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  1. @@VERSION doesn't return the SQL Server patch level! It returns the OS/host patch level. Documented at: and


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