Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Post of The Year 2012

This year in November, while attending a training titled "Making it Happen", when trainer asked everyone to write down their current goals and hurdles that they are facing to achieve those goals, I took lot of time to think about these hurdles and finally filled all five options of hurdles with same words i.e. Me and Myself.

Though year 2012 was amazing, when I have learned a lot about 
  • SQL Server Wait Stats, and how actually to use them to resolve different issues.
  • SQL Serve Extended Events, and how they are going to be a biggest tool in near future for every DBA.
  • SQL Server Service Broker, and its real magics for single point of Administration for multiple instances.
  • SQL Server Log, and interpretation of different type of messages.
  • How to modify System stored procedures according to your need.
  •  And much more
 I think I have shared far less (45 Blog Posts) then I have learned, and I have made a commitment that during 2013 I will keep sharing (through blog post and a book), that What Ever I Will Learn from this community.
For me most inspiring blogger of the year 2012 was Paul Randal and most inspiring personalities were  Jacob Sebastian and Afeef Janjua.


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